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Meteorological Society

of New Zealand

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What We Do

The Meteorological Society is a group of people from around New Zealand (and overseas) who like to share their fascination in the weather and its antics. The Society was inaugurated at a meeting held in Wellington on 11 October 1979. The objectives of the Society are to encourage an interest in the atmosphere, weather, and climate, particularly as related to the New Zealand region.

For more information about the formation and history of MetSoc, please visit our History page. The constitution of the Meteorological Society of New Zealand can be found here.

Society Members

Membership is open to all those with an interest in the objectives of the Society. We are a mix of professionals and non-professionals and we come from a broad range of backgrounds, including: meteorologists, weather watchers and storm chasers, geographers, hydrologists and ecologists, sailors and divers, trampers and climbers, aviators and glider pilots, aquaculturists and agriculturists, astronomers and cloud-admirers, economists, engineers and professional weather forecasters. If you have any questions related to our membership or the Meteorological Society, please Contact Us

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