The Canterbury plains north-easterly | Page 2 | The Meteorological Society of New Zealand

The Canterbury plains north-easterly

I. McKendry
A. Sturman
I. Owens

Local airflow patterns over Canterbury are investigated using both standard observations and supplementary data. A comprehensive climatology of the north-easterly wind is presented and knowledge of its spatial and temporal variation extended. The diurnal periodicity of the north-easterly is examined in relation to the effects of both changes in atmospheric stability and the sea breeze influence. Disconnection of the north-easterly from the surface due to increased stability is slightly more frequent than the classical sea breeze effect. North-easterlies occur with a range of a synoptic circulation types, with a preference for anticyclonic situations. The north-easterly extends over the entire plains and interacts with katabatic flow of inland areas, a south-easterly sea breeze south-east of Banks Peninsula, and the foehn north-westerly. Possible zones of local wind interaction are suggested.

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