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Publications 2016

Journal Articles

Sievers, U. and M. Kossmann: The cold air drainage model KLAM_21 – Model formulation and comparison with observations, Vol. 36, 2016

Williams, J., O. Morgenstern, V. Verma, E. Behrens, W. Hayek, H. Oliver, S. Dean, B. Mullan, and D. Frame: Development of the New Zealand Earth System Model: NZESM, Vol. 36, 2016.

Giles, B.D.: The Canterbury supercell of 23 February 2014: a misoscale analysis based on amateur automatic weather stations, Vol. 36, 2016.



Sunset Lenticular & Fire by Mark Thompson

Publications 2015

Journal Articles

Peyroux, C.E., L.S. Bussen, S.B. Costello, K.N. Dirks: Traffic pollution while commuting – Does commute mode matter?, Vol. 35, 2015.

Weissertk, L.F., J.A. Salmond, A. Friedel, M. LaFave, L. Schwendenman: Temporal and spatial patterns of carbon dioxide mixing ratios in a subtropical urban environment during spring, Vol. 35, 2015.

Book Reviews

Giles, B.: Living in a warmer world,  Editor: Jim Salinger, David Bateman Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. ISBN978-1-86953-840-8, 246pp, 2013.

Giles, B.: High Water, 3 Bad Monkeys, New Zealand. ISBN 978-0-473-30710-3, Hardback, 96pp, 2015.

Publications 2014

Journal Articles

Salinger, M. J and A. S. Porteous: New Zealand climate: patterns of drought 1941/42 – 2012/13, Vol. 34, 2014.

Revell, C., S. Ready, J. Renwick, and H. J. Diamond: A case study of Tropical Cyclone Wilma, January 2011, Vol. 34, 2014.

Tait, A. and G. Macara: Evaluation of interpolated daily temperature data for high elevation areas in
New Zealand, Vol. 34, 2014.

Harrington, L. and J. Renwick: Secular changes in New Zealand rainfall characteristics 1950-2009, Vol. 34, 2014.

Book Reviews

Giles, B.: The Inquisition of climate science, by James Lawrence Powell, Columbia, University Press, New York, July 2011, ISBN 978 0 231 15718 6, 2014.

Publications 2013

Book Reviews

Richards, K.: Home is the Howling Wilderness: Settlers and the Environment in Southern New Zealand, by Peter Holland, Auckland University Press, February 2013, 256 pages, ISBN: 978-1-86940-739-1, Vol. 33, 2013.

Publications 2012 (1)

Journal Articles

Giles, B.: Editorial, Vol. 32(2), 2012.

Ackerley, D., S. Dean, A. Sood and B. Mulla: Regional climate modelling in New Zealand: Comparison to gridded and satellite observationsVol. 32(1), 2012.

Mullan, B.: Applying the Rhoades and Salinger Method to New Zealand’s “Seven-Station” Temperature Series, Vol. 32(1), 2012.

Ruglys, M.: Military Meteorology and the New Zealand Defence Force Strategic Vision, Vol. 32(1), 2012.

Tigona, R. and C. de Freitas: Relationship between the Southern Oscillation and rainfall in Vanuatu, Vol. 32(1), 2012.

McKenzie, R., R. Scragg, B. Liley, P. Johnston, J. Wishart, and A. Reeder: Sunburn versus vitamin D induced by UV from solaria and sunlight in New ZealandVol. 32(1), 2012.

Book Reviews

Giles, B.: Merchants of Doubt – How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming. By Noami Oreskes and Erik M. Conway, Bloomsbury, June 2010, ISBN1608193942.

Giles, B.: Air Con. The seriously inconvenient truth about global warming. By Ian Wishart. Howling at the Moon Publishing, North Shore New Zealand, 2009, ISBN 9780958240147.

Publications 2012 (2)

Journal Articles

Salmond, J.: Editorial: Responding to changing urban climates, Vol. 32(2), 2012.

Tait, A., S. Allan, S. Oldfield, and A. Semadeni-Davie, The Urban Impacts Toolbox: An overview, Vol. 32(2), 2012.

McMillan, H., M. Duncan, G. Smart, J. Sturman, S. Poyck, S. Reese, A. Tait, E. Hreinsson, and J. Wals: The Urban Impacts Toolbox: An example of modelling the effect of climate change and sea level rise on future flooding, Vol. 32(2), 2012.

Keenan, N. and S. Oldfiel: The Urban Impacts Toolbox: An initial assessment of climate change flood adaptation options for WestportVol. 32(2), 2012.


Fog Tararua Tanges by Mark Thompson

Publications 2011


Courtesy of Michael Martens

Journal Articles

Renwick, J.A., Kidson’s Synoptic Weather Types and Surface Climate Variability over New Zealand, Vol. 31, 2011.

Griffiths, G., Drivers of extreme daily rainfalls in New Zealand, Vol. 31, 2011.

Garrett, S.A., Cook, D.E., and Marshall, R.E., The Seabreeze 2009 experiment: investigating the impact of ocean and atmopsheric processes on radar performance in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Vol. 31, 2011.

Jiang, N., Griffiths, G., and Dirks, K.N., Linking synoptic weather types to daily rainfall in Auckland, Vol. 31, 2011.

Kreft, P. and Crouch, J., Albany Tornado, Tuesday 03 May 2011, Vol. 31, 2011.

Publications 2009

Journal Articles

Holland, P., Wood, V. and Dixon, P., Learning about the weather in early colonial New Zealand, Vol 29, 2009.

Renwick, J.A., Mullan, B. and Porteous, A., Statistical Downscaling of New Zealand Climate, Vol. 29, 2009.

Renwick, J.A., Mullan, B., Thompson, C.S. and Porteous, A., Downscalling 15-day Ensemble Weather Forecasts and Extension to Short-term Climate Outlooks, Vol. 29, 2009.

Tait, A. and Liley, B., Interpolation of daily solar radiation for New Zealand using a satellite data-derived cloud cover surface, Vol. 29, 2009.


Book Reviews

Giles, B.: Biometeorology for adaptation to climate variability and change, By Kristie L. Ebi, Oan Burton, Glenn R. McGregor (Editors), ISBN978-1-4020-8920-6, 2009.

Dirks, K.: Quality of the Auckland Airshed, By Ningbo Jiang, ISBN 978-3-8364-9002-2.

Publications 2008

Book Reviews

McKenzie, R.: Global Climate Change – Insights, impacts and concerns, By H.D. Kumar, ISBN 81-89766-10-4, 2006.

Giles, B.: Unstoppable Global Warming, every 1,500 years, By Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery, ISBN 978-0-7425-5124-4, October 2008.

Publications 2007

Book Reviews

Giles, B.: Climate Change: Turing up the heat, By Barrie Pittock, Earthscan, London, UK and CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, ISBN 0-643-06934-3, published 2005.

de Freitas, C.R.: The science and politics of Global Climate Change: A guide to the debate, By Andrew E. Dessler and Edward A. Parson, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 13:
978-0-5215-3941-8, published 2006.

Publications 2006

Book Reviews

Giles, B.: The weather and climate of Australia and New Zealand, By Andrew Sturman and Nigel Tapper, Oxford University Press., published 2006.

Publications 2005

Book Reviews

de Freitas, C.R.: Natural Hazards (second Edition) By Edward Bryant, Cambridge University Press, published March 2005.

Shooter, D.: Fundamentals of Atmospheric Modeling (second Edition) By Mark Z. Jacobson, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-54865-9, published June 2005.

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