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Clips for 2018

=====NOVEMBER 2018===================

Floods underscore importance of radar  see Clips_29_Nov

Auckland deluge see Clips to 26 Nov

Twisters north and south,  Otago deluge see clips 22 Nov

South Island snow, Ashburton twister see Clips_19Nov

Early warning of a major storm see Clips to 15 Nov

Spring front forecast 30C, 300+mm, 150kph  see Clipsto 8 Nov

Wind damage in Wellington and Auckland  see Clips 5 Nov

More Tornadoes see Clips 1 Nov

+++++++++++OCTOBER 2018+++++++++++++++

Rain for the Royals  Clips 29 Oct

Sunny Labour weekend  see Clips to 25 Oct

Night of wild wind  see Clips18Oct

Interview with Mark Crompton see Clips 15 Oct

Another Olde man Southerly with wind, rain,snow see Clips_to_11Oct

SPRING newsletter + Clips to 2 Oct SPRING+clips_to_1_Oct

============SEPTEMBER 2018 ==================

Snow in the south, spring-like elsewhere see Clips 27 Sep

Snowy start to the week in  Otago Clips to 20 Sep

Cyclones~ten million evacuate Philippines, ~one million evacuate Carolina

see Clips to 13 Sep

Wellington 3 day gale, Napier heavy rain Clips 6 Sep

Chilly Southerly Storm Clips 3 Sep

=============AUGUST 2018 ====================

Motorists warned of wild weather .as road toll rises clips30Aug

TC Lane throws a tree at a reporter in Hawaii Clips27Aug

Tornado at New Plymouth & Ohope Clips to 23 Aug

Lightning strikes tree in Tokoroa, ignites gas leak Clips 20 Aug

Climate change and Wildfires  see 16Aug Clips

Yearly Temperatures in England 1700-2018 Clips3August

============ JULY 2018 ============

Greek and Swedsish wild fires Clips26July

Heavy Snow in South Island Clips23July

Biggest Waves Explained Clips19July

Stormy Sunday Coromandel Clips16July

Polar Vortex see Clips12July

Historic Japan floods see Clips 9 July

Changing temperatures  see  Clips 5 July

Foggy mornings   see Clips 2 July

============ JUNE 2018 ============

Auckland freezes  see Clips 28 June

Northland Floods see  clips for 25June

NZIAHS semiar on ETS 14 Sep 2018 at RSNZ Wellington see     ETS Forum 2018

NZIAHS seminar on Water in Canterbury 24 Oct 2018 at Lincoln Uni   see     2018 Water in Canterbury

Matamata tornado tosses boy   Clips 21June

Here comes Matariki (and the longest night) – 19 June 2018

Containers blown away in Napier – 14 June 2018

Weather Obsession – 11 June 2018

Slash Flood East Coast – 7 June 2018

============ MAY 2018 ============

Strange Contrail –  31 May 2018

Chilly Weekend – 28 May 2018

How cold is it going to be? – 24 May 2018

Windy wild weather week in New Zealand – 21 May 2018

Busy weather week in New Zealand – 13 April 2018