Earlier Weekly Weather News

Clips for 2018-2020

June 2021

A polar blast see Clipsto30Jun

Foggy Christchurch see Clipsto17June

New radar “extremely valuable”  see Clipsto14June

Atmospheric rivers see Clipsto3June

May 2021

Canterbury floods see Clips31May

Storm surge for Whitianga see Clipsto25May

1000+ lightning strikes overnight see Clipsto19May

Winter  is coming, see Clipsto17May

Cold wet change see Clipsto13May

Warm spell see Clipsto10May

April 2021

Napier Waterspout see Clips21April

More Thunderstorms see Clipsto14April

Thunderstorms  see Clips1 April

March 2021

Wet intro to Easter see Clips29March

Dry HIGH see clipsto25March

Indian summer see Clips22March

Unsettled in the south see Clips18Mar

The wild central North Island see Clips15March

Meteorology and the America’s Cup see Clips11March

A thundery Friday , see Clips8March

An average summer , see Clips4March

13  flights canceled by Wellington fog see Clipsto1March

Feb 2021

Warm weather continues see Clipsto26Feb

More warm weather see  clipsto22Feb

Auckland Low , New Plymouth blow, see Clips18Feb

Weather and climate clips see Clips10Feb

AMS weather clips see Clips4Feb

JAN 2021

Canterbury Cooks see Clips27Jan

AMS weather clips see clips14Jan

Otago weather radar proves its worth see Clips11Jan

AMS clips see Clips6Jan

AMS clips see Clipsto1Jan

Dec  2020

AMS clips see Clips24Dec

AMS Clips see Clips16Dec

AMS Clips  see Clips10Dec

AMS Clips  see AMSClips3Dec

Nov 2020

Plimmerton Deluge see Clips30Nov

Low over North Island see Clipsto26Nov

South Coast battering see Clipsto23Nov

More  thunderstorms  see Clips19 Nov

Getting warmer  see  Clips16 Nov

Napier Deluge see Clips12 Nov

Thundery see Clips to 9 Nov

Subtropical Low see Clips5Nov

More warm  weather, wet in  Westland see  Clips2Nov

Oct 2020

Labour  weekend: warm  then wet, see Clips28Oct

Warming  for Labour Weekend see Clips21Oct

another   wet  week see Clips15Oct

Deepest  Low  in months see Clips1Oct

Sep 2020

Equatorial  winds  see Clipsto24Sep

AMS clips see AMS clips to 16 Sep

Hail storms  see Clips to 11 Sep

AMS clips see AMSClips10Sep

warm then  cold spell see Clips2Sep

Another  cold  spell see  Clips27Aug


Aug 2020

Another wet event for  Northland  see  clipsto20Aug

Wet spell for Northland  see Clipsto14Aug

AMS  clips  12  Aug  see    AMSclips12 Aug

Weather  in between, wet in north see Clipsto10Aug

Mostly settled  winter HIGH see Clips6Aug

July 2020

Wet Northland then a dry  HIGH see Clips30July

Winter weather see  Clipsto23July

Tornadoes then snow,windy in Welly see Clip to 2 July

June  2020

Wet  north,  fog in Wellington see Clips to 25 June

Rain  in  BOP, central  NZ see  Clips to 22 June

Wellington landslips    see Clips to 18 June

mixed weather   see Clips to June 15

Wintry  weekend  in  the  south see clips to 8 June

AMS clips  to  4  June  see clips to 4 June


May  2020

AMS clips  to 28 May see Clips28May

Hawkes Bay Drought continues, see clipsto21May

More rain  , Please,  see Clips to 18 May

Clips  to 14 may see Clips to 14 May

Hawkes Bay Drought  see  Clips to 12 may

Snow. Auckland  drought see Clipstto7 May


April 2020

Autumn  weather see Clipsto29April

More about  Wellington swell see Clipsto23April

Passing fronts-a  mixed bag Clips to 20 April

First  snow  fall (south), Huge  waves (Welly)  see Clips to 16 April

End  of  the  Golden  weather see Clips to 13 April

Cyclone  Harold, + wet windy end to Easter see Clips to 10 April

A couple  of  fronts  for Easter see  Clipsto 6 April

Useful  rain  for  Hawkes Bay .  see Clipsto2April


March 2020

Useful  rain  for  middle NZ see clips to 30 March

Dynamic  (and snowy) weather for WMD see Clips 26 March

Ex  TC  GRETEL brushes northern  NZ see Clips 19 March

A little more rain in the  north  see Clips to 5Mar


=========Feb  2020=========

Rain in north at last, but not enough see clips to 26 feb

Muggy but dry (in the  north) see clipsto19 Feb

ex-tropical cyclone  UESI see Clips17 feb

AMS clips to 10Feb see AMSclipsto10Feb

AMS  clips for  4  Feb  see  AMSclips4Feb

First ever  MetService red warning see Clips 3Feb

=========Jan 2020==========

The heat is ON  see Clips30Jan

Hot and  dry week see  Clips 27JAN

Recent foggy  Welly, coming hot dry weekend see Clips23Jan

TC TINO forms see Clips17Jan

Weather maps are like works of art see Clips14Jan

Cool,Windy start to 2020 see Cips 9Jan2020

AMS clips  , see Clipsto 2 Jan 2020

=============Dec  2019================

Wet run into Christmas,  Australia hottest day ever see Clipsto19Dec

Whakaari/White  Island  eruption see Clip 12 Dec

Wild  weekend weather see clips 9 Dec

Series  of  heavy rain and  strong wind  events see Clips to 5Dec

=========Nov 2019========

hall we name Welly’s  wind? see  Cips 28Nov

Canterbury  Tornado and  Hail  see Clips to 21Nov

Thundery Front  see Clips to 14Nov

Spring  mini-Heat wave see Clips to 7 Nov

========Oct 2019========

Roller coaster temperatures see Clips to 31 Oct

Cold southerlies  see Clips to 24 Oct

Strong winds see Clips17 Oct

AMS clips see AMS clips 10 oct

Cold start  to  Oct see Clips to 7 oct

Wintry spring  see Clips to 3 Oct

=====September 2019 ======

AMS clips see  AMSclips to 19Sep

Windy  see Clips to 16 Sep

Wet in Coromandel,thunderstorms,snow,  Clips to 12 Sep

Back to Low after Low pattern see Clips 5 Sep

======== August  2019

switch to OK weather see Clips to 29 Aug

Complex Low  see Clips to 22 Aug

Auckland downburst, Taranaki Tornado  see  Clips 15 Aug

Stormy Squalls/Tornadoes see Clips 12 Aug

Very unsettled see Clips 8 Aug

Cold snap: Big snow dumps Clips 1 Aug

=======JULY 2019============

More Fog see Clips 25 July

Wild fronts, lightning , tornado  see Clips 18 July

Foggy days see Clipsto11July

From dry to wet in the north see  Clips 4 July

===========JUNE 2019++++++++++++++

Brrrrrrrr a big fat high see Clips 27 June

Frosty dawns near shortest day see Clips to 20June

Lots of clips re Lightning see clips to 17 June

AMS clips to 13 June see AMS CLIPS 13June

AMS clips to 6 June  AMS_to_6June

=============MAY 2019=============

Foggy then windy see Clips 30 May

Windy end to week, then a HIGH see Clips to 23 May

Week of Southwest see Clips to 16 May

Wet Mothers’ day  see Clips 13 May

AMS clips see Clips to 9 May

AMS clips see Clips to 1 May

++++++++++APRIL  2019++++++++++++++

AMS clips see Clips to 25 April

Mixed weather for Easter see Clips 18 April

Winter is coming: sub zero Otago see  Clips11April

Cool change  see Clips to 4 April

=====MARCH 2019======

Woman drowned in West Coast floods, Waiho bridge gone see Clips28Mar

Met Society members asked to join in 2 mins silence see Clips21Mar

Olga Ladyzhenskaya and the Navier-Stokes equation see Clips_14Mar

30 deg heat, Maniototo fires  see Clips7March

==FEBRUARY 2019++++++++++++

NZ gets a cold snap rather than TC OMA  see Clips28Feb

TC OMA misses its “bus” to NZ see Clips 21 Feb

Rain missing eastern and northern South Island see Clips 14 Feb

Bone Dry in Nelson/Tasman  see Clips 7 Feb

Where was that heatwave? Clips 04 Feb

+JANUARY 2019============

More about the heatwave see Clips 31 Jan

We are having a heatwave  see Clips 29 Jan 2019


=DECEMBER 2018 =========================

Mixed weather as Christmas approaches  see Clips20Dec

Friday night frights: 33.200 lightning strikes see Clips 17 Dec

Sunless warmth see Clips 13 Dec

More Patchy weather see Clips 11 Dec

Hamilton lightning strikes Tue see Clips_6Dec

Hamilton: Flash flooding Sun.  see Clips_to_03 Dec

=====NOVEMBER 2018===================

Floods underscore importance of radar  see Clips_29_Nov

Auckland deluge see Clips to 26 Nov

Twisters north and south,  Otago deluge see clips 22 Nov

South Island snow, Ashburton twister see Clips_19Nov

Early warning of a major storm see Clips to 15 Nov

Spring front forecast 30C, 300+mm, 150kph  see Clipsto 8 Nov

Wind damage in Wellington and Auckland  see Clips 5 Nov

More Tornadoes see Clips 1 Nov

+++++++++++OCTOBER 2018+++++++++++++++

Rain for the Royals  Clips 29 Oct

Sunny Labour weekend  see Clips to 25 Oct

Night of wild wind  see Clips18Oct

Interview with Mark Crompton see Clips 15 Oct

Another Olde man Southerly with wind, rain,snow see Clips_to_11Oct

SPRING newsletter + Clips to 2 Oct SPRING+clips_to_1_Oct

=========SEPTEMBER 2018 ===========

Snow in the south, spring-like elsewhere see Clips 27 Sep

Snowy start to the week in  Otago Clips to 20 Sep

Cyclones~ten million evacuate Philippines, ~one million evacuate Carolina

see Clips to 13 Sep

Wellington 3 day gale, Napier heavy rain Clips 6 Sep

Chilly Southerly Storm Clips 3 Sep

==========AUGUST 2018 =============

Motorists warned of wild weather .as road toll rises clips30Aug

TC Lane throws a tree at a reporter in Hawaii Clips27Aug

Tornado at New Plymouth & Ohope Clips to 23 Aug

Lightning strikes tree in Tokoroa, ignites gas leak Clips 20 Aug

Climate change and Wildfires  see 16Aug Clips

Yearly Temperatures in England 1700-2018 Clips3August

============ JULY 2018 ============

Greek and Swedsish wild fires Clips26July

Heavy Snow in South Island Clips23July

Biggest Waves Explained Clips19July

Stormy Sunday Coromandel Clips16July

Polar Vortex see Clips12July

Historic Japan floods see Clips 9 July

Changing temperatures  see  Clips 5 July

Foggy mornings   see Clips 2 July

============ JUNE 2018 ============

Auckland freezes  see Clips 28 June

Northland Floods see  clips for 25June

NZIAHS semiar on ETS 14 Sep 2018 at RSNZ Wellington see     ETS Forum 2018

NZIAHS seminar on Water in Canterbury 24 Oct 2018 at Lincoln Uni   see     2018 Water in Canterbury

Matamata tornado tosses boy   Clips 21June

Here comes Matariki (and the longest night) – 19 June 2018

Containers blown away in Napier – 14 June 2018

Weather Obsession – 11 June 2018

Slash Flood East Coast – 7 June 2018

============ MAY 2018 ============

Strange Contrail –  31 May 2018

Chilly Weekend – 28 May 2018

How cold is it going to be? – 24 May 2018

Windy wild weather week in New Zealand – 21 May 2018

Busy weather week in New Zealand – 13 April 2018