Earlier Weather and Climate Articles

Publications 1997 (2)

Book reviews


Publications 1996 (1)

Journal Articles

McGowan, H.A.: The weather of windblown sediment: Aeolian processes within the New Zealand landscape Vol 16 (1), 1996.

McKenzie, R.L., Bodeker, G.E., Keep, D.J., Kotkamp, M.: UV radiation in New Zealand: North-to-south differences between two sites, and relationships to other latitudesVol 16 (1), 1996.

Brenstrum, E.: Cook and the weatherVol 16 (1), 1996.

Brenstrum, E.: Satellite picture showing evidence of a jet in the low-level windsVol 16 (1), 1996.

Book reviews

Sturman, A.P., Tapper, N.J.: The weather and climate of Australia and New ZealandVol 16 (1), 1996.

Publications 1996 (2)

Journal articles

Devine, K.J.: Is hydro inflow forecasting an oxymoron? Vol 16 (2), 1996.

Salinger, M.J.: Painting images: The art and science of monthly climate predictionVol 16 (2), 1996.

Martin, R.A.: Kiwifruit boom or bust: The effect of climatic variation on kiwifruit productionVol 16 (2), 1996.

Voice, M., Beard, G., Mullen, C.: May the odds be with you – seasonal and multi-seasonal predictionVol 16 (2), 1996.

Sargeant, D.: May the odds be with you – seasonal and multi-seasonal predictionVol 16 (2), 1996.

Brenstrum, E.: GMS visible picture 23 UTC 6 October 1996Vol 16 (2), 1996.

Book reviews


Publications 1995

Journal articles (issue 1)

Quayle, T.: History of the Campbell Island meteorological station, Vol 15 (1), 1995.

Travers, J., Heming, J.: Campbell Island upper air data impact studyVol 15 (1), 1995.

Sinclair, M.R.: An extended climatology of extratropical cyclones over the Southern HemisphereVol 15 (1), 1995.

Brenstrum, E.: GMS visible satellite picture 00 UTC 8 May 1995Vol 15 (1), 1995.

Journal articles (issue 2)

Hay, J.E.: Climate change: Regionalizing a global phenomenon, Vol 15 (2), 1995.

Hay, J.E., Kaluwin, C., Koop, N.: Implications of climate change and sea-level rise for small island nations of the South Pacific: A regional synthesisVol 15 (2), 1995.

Pittock, A.B., Dix, M.R., Hennessy, K.J., Katzfey, J.J., McInnes, K.L., O’Farrell, S.P., Smith, I.N., Suppiah, R., Walsh, K.J., Whetton, P.H., Wilson, S.G.: Progress towards climate change scenarios for the Southwest PacificVol 15 (2), 1995.

Partosham, A., Tate, K.R., Giltrap, D.J.: Potential effects of climate and land use change on soil carbon and CO2 emissions from New Zealand’s indigenous forests and unimproved grasslandsVol 15 (2), 1995.

Yu, B.: Long-term variation of rainfall erosivity in SydneyVol 15 (2), 1995.

Salinger, J., Jones, P.: Oceania perspective on the past climate, Vol 15 (2), 1995.

Brenstrum, E.: Volcanoes and climateVol 15 (2), 1995.

Publications 1994

Publications 1993

Journal articles (issue 1)

Whiteford, P.: Evaluation of past climate using borehole temperature measurements, Vol 13 (1), 1993.

Hay, J., Salinger, J., Fitzharris, B., Basher, R.: Climatological seesaws in the Southwest Pacific, Vol 13 (1), 1993.

McGowan, H., Sturman, A.P.: Synoptic and local effects on the climate of the Waimate area, South Canterbury, Vol 13 (1), 1993.

Oladipo, E.O.: Drought in northern Nigeria: An indication of abrupt climatic change?, Vol 13 (1), 1993.

Munster, R.: Edith Elisabeth Farkas 1921-1993: An obituary, Vol 13 (1), 1993.

Brenstrum, E.: Satellite picture – 10 April 1993, Vol 13 (1), 1993.

Dominion editorial, 27 July 1992Vol 13 (1), 1993.

Journal articles (issue 2)

Brown, R.D., Fitzharris, B.: The surface reflectance of snow tussockVol 13 (2), 1993.

Pascoe, M.: Cloud heads – Precursors to rapid cyclogenesisVol 13 (2), 1993.

Bodeker, G.E., McKenzie, R.L.: Erythermal UV at 45°S: Longitudinal and secular variabilityVol 13 (2), 1993.

West, F., Healy, T.: The Southern Oscillation Index and climatic parameters, and their relationship to snow and ski conditions at Mt. Ruapehu, New ZealandVol 13 (2), 1993.

Brenstrum, E.: Visible GMS Satellite picture – 6 May 1993Vol 13 (2), 1993.

Publications 1992

Journal articles (issue 1)

Hay, J.E.: South Pacific environments: Their interactions with weather and climateVol 12 (1), 1992.

Buddemeier, R.W.: Climate and groundwater resources on atolls and small islandsVol 12 (1), 1992.

Pittock, A.B.: Developing regional climate change scenarios for the South PacificVol 12 (1), 1992.

Ballantine, W.J.: A biologist’s view of marine climateVol 12 (1), 1992.

Pascoe, R.M.: Lee cyclogenesis in New Zealand – A prediction schemeVol 12 (1), 1992.

Burgess, S.M.: New Zealand weatherVol 12 (1), 1992.


Journal articles (issue 2)

Mullan, A.B.: Atmospheric circulation processes and features in the tropical Southwest PacificVol 12 (2), 1992.

Neale, A.A.: Credibility of public weather forecasts: A Wairarapa perspectiveVol 12 (2), 1992.

Leighton, R.M.: Monthly anticyclonicity and cyclonicity in the Southern Hemisphere: Averages for March and SeptemberVol 12 (2), 1992.

White, M.G., Smith, G.J., Ryan, K.G., Coppell, R.B., Backshall, D., Edmunds, C.J., McKenzie, R.L.: Erythemal and carcinogenic ultraviolet radiation at three New Zealand citiesVol 12 (2), 1992.

Gee, M.: Wahine storm damage in Wellington, 10 April 1968Vol 12 (2), 1992.

Farkas, E.: ‘End of an era’ New Zealand Meteorological Service scientific conferencesVol 12 (2), 1992.

Publications 1991

Journal articles (issue 1)

McKenzie, R.L.: Application of a simple model to calculate latitudinal and hemispheric differences in ultraviolet radiationVol 11 (1), 1991.

West, F., Healy, T.: Analysis of climatic data for the Chateau, Mt Ruapehu (1930-1988), in relation to climatic changeVol 11 (1), 1991.

Smith, R.: 1990 President’s AddressVol 11 (1), 1991.

Burgess, S.M.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of winter and spring 1990Vol 11 (1), 1991.

Sturman, A., Fitzharris, B., Tomlinson, A., Harrison, L.: Report on the 6th Australasian Forum on ClimatologyVol 11 (1), 1991.

Extended abstracts from the Meteorological Society Conference on Climate Change and its Impacts, 12-14 October 1989: Part 1, 12 October.

Bishop, D.G.: Paleoclimatic indicators from Mason Bay, Stewart Island

Barringer, J.R.F.: Modelling present and past snowline altitude and snowfalls on the Remarkables

Salinger, M.J.: Have New Zealand temperatures been warming in the last 200 years?

Fitzharris, B.B., Hay, J.E.: Atmospheric circulation changes in the Southwest Pacific 1911-1985 and their effect on glacier behaviour

Osborn, H.A.L.: Climate change in Canterbury

McGann, R.: The 1988-89 Canterbury/Otago drought

Ward, G.F.A, Goulter, S.W.: Some evidence for planetary solar tidal influences in meteorological and climate time series, including the Southern Oscillation

Mullan, A.B.: Modelling of climate change and recent greenhouse effect predictions

Reid, S.J.: Climate change: Implications for high wind speeds

Wratt, D.S., Hadfield, M.G.: Climate change and urban air quality

Nichol, S.E., Clarkson, T.S.: The 1989 ozone hole

Hickman, J.: Greenhouse ’89 panel discussion

Mosley, P.: New Zealand climate change programme: impacts working group

Fraser, T.: Climate change: Impacts, repercussions and responses from a Maori perspective

Journal articles (issue 2)

Wratt, D.S., Mullan, A.B., Clarkson, T.S., Salinger, M.J.: Climate change scienceVol 11 (2), 1991.

Goulter, S.: Some aspects of the distribution of frost over New ZealandVol 11 (2), 1991.

Burgess, S.M.: New Zealand weatherVol 11 (2), 1991.

Extended abstracts from the Meteorological Society Conference on Climate Change and its Impacts, 12-14 October 1989: Part 2, 13 October.

Hicks, D.M.: Impacts of climate change and sea-level rise on New Zealand’s coast

Paulin, C.D.: Climatic warming and New Zealand marine fish

Porteous, A.: Impacts of climate change on Bangladesh

Salinger, M.J.: Impacts of climate on agriculture: A southern perspective

Brooking, I.: How does temperature influence crop yield?

Henshall, W.R., Beresford, R.M.: The effect of climate change on patterns of plant disease in New Zealand

Basher, L.R.: The impact of climate change on soils and landscape processes

Carran, R.A.: Winter temperature as a determinant of soil organic matter turnover and plant growth during the year

Grace, J.C., Carson, M.J., Carson, S.D.: Radiata pine improvement – Response to climate change?

Mitchell, N.: Nature conservation problems resulting from ‘greenhouse effect’ induced climate change

Beets, P.N.: Long term ecological research (LTER) sites – Importance in climate change research

Wilson, D.R., Jamieson, P.D.: Defining climatic influences on field crops

Smart, R., Jordan, D.: Climate change implications for the New Zealand wine industry

Butler, B.M., Matthew, C., Heerdegen, R.G.: The ‘greenhouse effect’ – What consequences for seasonality of pasture production

Korte, C.J., Newton, P.D., McCall, D.G.: Effects of climate change on pasture growth using a mechanistic simulation model

Publications 1990

Journal articles (issue 1)

Reid, S.: Editorial: Why the ‘Roaring Forties’ do not roar all the timeVol 10 (1), 1990

Fowler, A.M., de Freitas, C.R.: Climate impact studies from scenarios: Help or hindrance?Vol 10 (1), 1990

Ridley, R.N.: ‘Reset’ minimum temperatures at Christchurch and forecast accuracy, Vol 10 (1), 1990

Pascoe, R.M., Lopdell, J.H.A., Sinclair, M.R.: The Canterbury/Kaikoura storm of January 19, 1988, Vol 10 (1), 1990

Smith, R.: What’s in a name? Vol 10 (1), 1990

Burgess, S.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of the weatherVol 10 (1), 1990

Journal articles (issue 2)

Reid, S.: Editorial: Gusts, turbulence, and mean speed, Vol 10 (2), 1990

Ridley, R.N.: Southerly buster events in New Zealand, Vol 10 (2), 1990

Butler, B.M., Matthew, C., Heerdegen, R.G.: The greenhouse effect – what consequences for seasonality of pasture production, Vol 10 (2), 1990

Watson, R.N., Pottinger, R.P.: Impact of climate change on invertebrate pests in New Zealand, Vol 10 (2), 1990

Burgess, S.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of the weather, Vol 10 (2), 1990

Publications 1989

Journal articles (issue 1)

Uddstrom, M., Sturman, A.P.: Editorial, Vol 9 (1), 1989

McGregor, J.: The Meteorological Society of New Zealand President’s Speech 1988Vol 9 (1), 1989

Fitzharris, B.B.: A review of topoclimatology in New ZealandVol 9 (1), 1989

Oke, T.R., Cleugh, H.A., Grimmond, S., Schmid, H.P., Roth, M.: Evaluation of spatially-averaged fluxes of heat, mass and momentum in the urban boundary layerVol 9 (1), 1989

Wanner, H., Filliger, P.: Orographic influence on urban climateVol 9 (1), 1989

Burgess, S.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of the weather, Vol 9 (1), 1989

Journal articles (issue 2)

Weston, N.: Satellite pictureVol 9 (2), 1989

McGregor, G.R.: Snow avalanche forecasting by discriminant function analysisVol 9 (2), 1989

Bruce, P.: Asthma and weather: Relationship of weather to asthma attacks in WellingtonVol 9 (2), 1989

Bruce, P.: Rain and black spot infectionVol 9 (2), 1989

Burgess, S.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of the weatherVol 9 (2), 1989

Publications 1988

Journal articles (issue 1)

Ward, G.: Weather and sportVol 8 (1), 1988

Fitzharris, B.B., Cosgrove, C.M., Symon, J.B.: Assessing air pollution potential at a large industrial site – A climatology of deep inversions, mixing heights and atmospheric stability at AramoanaVol 8 (1), 1988

Steiner, J.T.: Can we reduce the hail problem? Vol 8 (1), 1988

Fowler, A.: Climatic reconstruction from tree ringsVol 8 (1), 1988

Burgess, S.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of the weather, Vol 8 (1), 1988

de Lisle, J.F.: Book reviewsVol 8 (1), 1988

Journal articles (issue 2)

Goulter, S., Vere-Jones, D.: Operational frost predictions with a simple probability modelVol 8 (2), 1988

Heerdegen, R.G.: An evaluation of the heating degree-day indexVol 8 (2), 1988

Burgess, S.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of the weather, Vol 8 (2), 1988

Porteous, A.: Book reviewsVol 8 (2), 1988

Publications 1987

Journal articles (issue 1)

Ward, G.: “La Ronde” – The atmosphere viewed as part of an enormous cosmological roundaboutVol 7 (1), 1987

Smith, M.J., Knox, F.B.: Radiation transfer through an artificial fog used in frost preventionVol 7 (1), 1987

Nichol, S.E., Basher, R.E.: Sunburning ultraviolet radiation at Invercargill, New ZealandVol 7 (1), 1987

Morley-Bunker, M.J., Salinger, M.J.: Kiwifruit development – the effect of temperature on budburst and floweringVol 7 (1), 1987

Burgess, S.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of the weather, Vol 7 (1), 1987

Journal articles (issue 2)

Revell, C.G.: The 1986/87 hurricane season in the South PacificVol 7 (2), 1987

de Freitas, C.R.: Bioclimates of heat and cold stress in New Zealand, Vol 7 (2), 1987

McKendry, I.G., Sturman, A.P., Owens, I.F.: The Canterbury Plains northwesterlyVol 7 (2), 1987

Burgess, S.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of the weather, Vol 7 (2), 1987

Publications 1986

Journal articles (issue 1)

Neale, A.A.: Weather forecasts: what do they mean? Vol 6 (1), 1986

Sturman, A.P.: Atmospheric circulation and monthly precipitation distribution in Canterbury, New ZealandVol 6 (1), 1986

Trewinnard, T., Tomlinson, A.I.: Spatial patterns of precipitation in Central Canterbury, New ZealandVol 6 (1), 1986

Farkas, E.: Ozone and the stratosphereVol 6 (1), 1986

Burgess, S.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of the weather, Vol 6 (1), 1986

Journal articles (issue 2)

Fitzharris, B.B., Kearsley, G.W.: A random survey of the use of weather forecasts by farmers in OtagoVol 6 (2), 1986

McGregor, G.R.: Meteorological factors and avalanche probabilities – Craigieburn Range, New ZealandVol 6 (2), 1986

Revell, C.G.: Tropical Cyclone NamuVol 6 (2), 1986

Gordon, A.H.: The cross-equatorial pressure gradient and summer monsoon rainfall in Northern and Central Australia in January 1974Vol 6 (2), 1986

Revell, C.G.: Breaking waves and rotorsVol 6 (2), 1986

Burgess, S.: New Zealand weather – Brief review of the weather, Vol 6 (2), 1986

de Freitas, C.R.: Inside the universitiesVol 6 (2), 1986

Publications 1984

Journal articles (issue 1)

Maunder, W.J.: Climatology: past, present, future… a personal viewVol 4 (1), 1984

Kearsley, G.W., Fitzharris, B.B.: A random survey of the public use of weather forecasts in Dunedin. Vol 4 (1), 1984

Kidson, J.W., Taylor, B.F.: Enhancement and display of meteorological satellite imagery, Vol 4 (1), 1984

Thompson, A.J.: Accuracy of weather forecasts, Vol 4 (1), 1984

Kidd, D.A.: Weather lore in Aratus’ phaenomena, Vol 4 (1), 1984

Recent publications of the NZ Met Service and brief review of recent weather.

Journal articles (issue 2)

Collyer, F.X., Barnes, B.G., Churchman, G.J., Clarkson, T.S., Steiner, J.T.: A trans-Tasman dust transport event, Vol 4 (2), 1984

Littlejohn, R.N.: Extreme winds and forest devastation resulting from Cyclone ‘Bernie’, Vol 4 (2), 1984

Sturman, A.P.: A study of atmospheric circulation over the South Island of New Zealand (1961-1980), Vol 4 (2), 1984

Belton, M.C., Ledgard, N.J.: A new map of the rainfall patterns below 1600 mm for the Canterbury high country, Vol 4 (2), 1984

Roche, M.M.: Charles Torlesse, A pioneer recorder of Canterbury weather 1849-1858, Vol 4 (2), 1984

Book reviews

Recent publications of the NZ Met Service and brief review of recent weather.