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Notice from NIWA re NEMS - New Zealand Data Exchange Standard for Meteorology and Hydrology

NEMS  - New Zealand Data Exchange Standard for Meteorology and Hydrology

Hi all

This is to inform you on current ongoing activities to develop a
“New Zealand Data Exchange Standard for Meteorology and Hydrology”

2013 Photo competition report

NZ Met Society Photo Competition 2013


This year we decided to arrange our photo competition via Facebook, in an attempt to raise interest amongst our membership in sharing their ideas using this medium.

19 photos were uploaded and there were 11 votes (4 of these by email rather than via facebook).

We had 175 unique visitors. We set ourselves the target of 100 likes, and achieved 45.

* Charles Fleming Funds - Award & Senior Scientist Award

Charles Fleming Fund – Call for Applications

Closing date: 31 March 2014

RSNZ are now calling for applications for:

* Charles Fleming Fund - Publishing Award
* Charles Fleming Fund - Senior Scientist Award

Information on these awards, and application forms are
available on RSNZ website:

"The Poisoner's Guide to Life" by Prof D. Blum, 28 Nov, Wellington

Professor Deborah Blum

The Poisoner's Guide to Life

Wellington | 6pm Thursday 28 November | Te Whare Aparangi | RSNZ

Deborah Blum is a Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist, columnist for the New York Times and Professor of journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Please vote for a photo

Please vote for your favourite photo in the competition. There are 16 great photos at

VOTES Done in October on Facebook at or, for those not on Facebook, via email to . Only one vote per person is allowed.

WINNERS are to be announced at the Met Society Conference and on our web sites in Nov 2013 and also in our newsletter in Dec 2013.


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