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Kidson Medal 2016

Award of the 2016 Edward Kidson Medal

Earlier this year nominations were opened for the award of the Edward Kidson medal. The medal is generally awarded every two years, and is named in honour of Edward Kidson, Director of the New Zealand Meteorological Service from 1927 to 1939.  Kidson was instrumental in placing New Zealand meteorology on a sound scientific footing and is regarded as a key figure in the development of meteorology and climatology in this country.

The Edward Kidson Medal is awarded to the author of an outstanding scientific paper published in a refereed scientific journal, which:
• advances the science of meteorology and/or climatology, or
• advances understanding of the influence of meteorology and/or climatology or other meteorological factors in other fields of scientific or human endeavour, or conversely, the influence of other sciences or endeavours on meteorology and/or climatology, or
• reports on significant and novel scientific, educational, social or   economic application of meteorology and/or climatology.

This year, four nominations were received:
Crouch, J.F., Pardo, N., and Miller, C.A., 2014, Dual polarisation C-band weather radar imagery of the 6 August 2012 Te Maari eruption, Mount Tongariro, New Zealand, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 286, 415-436.

McDonald, A.J., Hibbins, R.E. and Jarvis, M.J., 2011, Properties of the quasi 16 day wave derived from EOS MLS observations, Journal of Geophysical Research, 116, D06112.

Schaefer, H., Fletcher, S.E.M., Veidt, C., Lassey, K.R., Brailsford, G.W., Bromley, T.M., Dlugokencky, E.J., Michel, S.E., Miller, J.B., Levin, I., Lowe, D.C., Martin, R.J., Vaughn, B.H., White, J.W.C., 2016 A 21st-century shift from fossil-fuel to biogenic methane emissions indicated by 13CH4. Science, 352(6281): 80-84.

Tait, A., Henderson, R., Turner, R. and Zheng, X., 2006, Thin plate smoothing pline interpolation of daily rainfall for New Zealand using a climatological rainfall surface, International Journal of Climatology, 26, 2097-2115.

All four papers were of a very high standard, and the medal sub-committee were of the opinion that in isolation each was worthy of the Edward Kidson medal.

Notwithstanding this very high standard, it was the unanimous decision of the medal sub-committee to award the 2016 Edward Kidson medal to Dr Hinrich Schaefer of NIWA.

Amongst the various positive comments from the reviewers, the paper was described as “a landmark paper of global significance that makes definitive and significant progress in understanding the flattening of trends in atmospheric methane since the late 1990s, and recent acceleration of methane rises”.

Congratulations Hinrich!

Daniel Kingston
(President, Meteorological Society of New Zealand)

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