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Edward Kidson Medal

The Meteorological Society of NZ (Inc) has established an award, the Edward Kidson Medal. The medal is awarded every two years and previous winners include:

2003 - Professor Andrew Sturman

2005 - Dr James Renwick

2007 - Dr Xiaogu Zheng

2010 - Dr Andrew Lorrey

2014 - Dr Greg Bodeker

2016 - Dr Hinrich Schaefer

The award is named in honour of Dr Edward Kidson, Director of the New Zealand Meteorological Service from 1927 to 1939. Kidson was instrumental in placing New Zealand meteorology on a sound scientific footing and is regarded as a key figure in the development of meteorology and climatology in this country.

His own scientific work in meteorology covered a wide field and he had an international reputation for his papers on Southern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation. His papers on New Zealand's climate remained standard works for many years.

The Edward Kidson Medal is awarded to the author of an outstanding recent scientific paper published in a refereed scientific journal, which:

  • advances the science of meteorology and/or climatology, or
  • advances understanding of the influence of meteorology and/or climatology or other meteorological factors in other fields of scientific or human endeavour or, conversely, the influence of other sciences or endeavours in meteorology and/or climatology, or
  • reports on a significant and novel scientific, educational, social or economic application of meteorology and/or climatology.


Nominees for the Edward Kidson Medal should normally be New Zealand residents but others who have a significant connection with New Zealand, particularly in the field of the atmospheric sciences, will be considered.

All nominations must either be by a current member of the Meteorological Society or include a written endorsement by a current member. Rules for the consideration and awarding of the Kidson Medal of the Meteorological Society of New Zealand can be found here. Nominations, with supporting statements and including copies of the relevant paper, should be sent to: 

The Secretary,
The Meteorological Society of NZ,
PO Box 6523,
Te Aro,


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