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Watercare calls for more water usage cuts despite heavy rain

Thu, 30/03/2017 - 15:56
Aucklanders are being asked to continue conserving water despite the region experiencing another night of torrential rain.A record 239mm of rain fell overnight in some parts of the city but the downpour hasn't helped with city-wide...

Nightmare day of travel as flights delayed around the country

Thu, 30/03/2017 - 14:22
Passengers in airports around New Zealand have faced a nightmare day of travel with major delays across the network despite fog lifting and flights resuming in and out of the capital.A marathon effort is under way to clear a massive...

Schools close as 600km stretch of Queensland coastline braces for deluge

Thu, 30/03/2017 - 12:34
Flooding has begun and Queensland residents are scrambling for sandbags as they prepare for the deluge no one saw coming.The extreme weather event is the unexpected sting in ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie's tail, and is expected to...

Thousands trapped after Cyclone Debbie leaves trail of destruction

Thu, 30/03/2017 - 10:26
Three thousand people are trapped on the cyclone-ravaged Whitsunday Islands amid dwindling food and water supplies, as reports of looting emerge.Hotel guests stranded on cyclone-ravaged Daydream Island have been given just one bottle...

Country swelters under high humidity and it's not going away yet

Thu, 30/03/2017 - 10:13
New Zealand is sweltering under unusually widespread high levels of humidity.Today many towns and cities across the length and breadth of the country have recorded tropical 100 per cent levels of humidity.At 9.15am humidity in...

Wellington remains shrouded - but at last there's good news for weary travellers

Thu, 30/03/2017 - 06:45
Wellington is waking to a second day of mist and rain, and the threat the fog may thicken before it clears around midday. Planes remain grounded at the capital's airport today and hundreds of passengers stranded after sea fog shrouded...

Displaced passengers stuck at airport as thick fog grounds all flights in and out of Wellington

Thu, 30/03/2017 - 06:00
Hundreds of flights were affected yesterday as thick sea fog grounded planes in the capital.Wellington Airport was packed with displaced travellers yesterday afternoon as they waited to find out whether their flights would make...

Flash floods yesterday, but heavy rain set to ease today

Thu, 30/03/2017 - 06:00
Heavy rains led to flash flooding in parts of Auckland, while flights were grounded because of heavy fog in Wellington.But yesterday's bad weather conditions are set to ease significantly today.Rain - sometimes heavy - is still...

Aurora Australis snapped in Auckland during geomagnetic storm

Wed, 29/03/2017 - 22:26
Cameraman Larryn Rae has captured extraordinary pictures of the Aurora Australis in Auckland after heading out to the Waitakeres "on a whim" during a geomagnetic storm.Rae, 39, had spent a week in the South Island and headed home,...

Damage from Cyclone Debbie to be assessed at first light with Premier warning of 'shock and awe'

Wed, 29/03/2017 - 17:18
Shocking images have revealed the devastation at cyclone-battered Hamilton Island as authorities scramble to assist holiday-makers.The island bore the brunt of the ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie and has sustained substantial structural...

Passengers stuck at Wellington airport as thick fog grounds all flights

Wed, 29/03/2017 - 17:15
Cameron Higginson was at Wellington Airport this afternoon waiting to pick up his girlfriend, who he hasn't seen in four months.She is one of the passengers affected by the grounding of all Wellington flights due to thick fog."I'm...

Cyclone Debbie: Couple stranded on Hamilton Island told by hotel to 'pay up or get out'

Wed, 29/03/2017 - 11:14
A couple holidaying on Hamilton Island left stranded after their flight was cancelled due to Cyclone Debbie have claimed their hotel told them to "pay up or get out".Rachael Aracic and partner Tyson Griffiths, from Melbourne, were...

Jenny Clarke pleads for news of husband last heard from during Cyclone Debbie

Wed, 29/03/2017 - 07:30
A woman is desperately seeking help to find her husband who she last spoke to during the peak of Cyclone Debbie when he called to say the roof was coming off their house.Jenny Clarke said she spoke to David Clarke, 68, about 10am...

Weather warnings in North Island as cloud, sea fog shroud eastern coastlines

Wed, 29/03/2017 - 06:46
Sea fog is causing major disruptions at Wellington Airport as an "active low" works its way south bringing a swathe of weather warnings across the North Island. A number of heavy rain watches are in force from Auckland to Wairapapa...

Panic and destruction as Cyclone Debbie makes landfall in North Queensland

Tue, 28/03/2017 - 22:12
Cyclone Debbie is continuing to pummel north Queenland, leaving behind a path of destruction at normally idyllic locations including Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island.The Category 3 system made landfall shortly after 1pm near Bowen,...

Families build makeshift bunkers in their homes as Cyclone Debbie smashes Queensland's coast

Tue, 28/03/2017 - 20:56
Families have taken to building makeshift bunkers in their homes as they shelter from Cyclone Debbie.The "destructive" Category 4 storm struck the north coast of Queensland this afternoon, slamming into the coast with huge 275km/h...

'And she said yes' - Stormy proposal during Cyclone Debbie

Tue, 28/03/2017 - 15:19
Cyclone Debbie may be hurtling thunderous winds and rain and uprooting trees, but a Kiwi couple have managed to lighten up their stricken situation with a healthy dose of love.Aucklanders Rob Woodman and Sally Wilson had their trip...

Terrifying winds, roofs flying, and worse is yet to come

Tue, 28/03/2017 - 13:01
Trees are snapping like twigs and roofs are on the verge of flying off homes as vicious 200km/h winds pound Australia's Whitsunday coastline.Ex-pat kiwi Tania Lewis is seeking refuge in her Jubilee Pocket home not far from Airlie...

Debbie a 'worst-case scenario' for Queensland, warns US storm-chaser

Tue, 28/03/2017 - 09:17
US-based storm-chaser Josh Morgerman has warned that Cyclone Debbie is shaping up to look like a "worst case scenario" for Queensland as it approaches land.The self-described "hardcore hurricane chaser" flew to Brisbane from California...

Expect fewer cyclones, but the ones that form will pack a wallop

Tue, 28/03/2017 - 09:17
There was a point earlier this summer when Aussies in the Top End started to wonder: Where the hell are the cyclones?The Australian region is usually hit with 11 cyclones each season - which runs from November 1 to April 30 - but...


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