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What Is The Meteorological Society?

The Society is a group of people from around New Zealand (and overseas) who like to share their fascination in the weather and its antics. The Society was inaugurated at a meeting held in Wellington on 11 October 1979. The objects of the Society are to encourage an interest in the atmosphere, weather, and climate, particularly as related to the New Zealand region.

What Do I Get With Society Membership?

Access to a lively committee who are specially elected watchdogs for any contentious issue involving weather or climate. For members in the main centres we have an e-group for communications plus organised meetings throughout the year on weather and climate topics.

We publish a quarterly newsletter full of member's news and views plus descriptions of recent significant weather. We also publish an annual professional journal "Weather and Climate", providing members access to the latest peer-reviewed thinking in the profession of meteorology. It is accepted internationally as the journal that gives recognition to the value of meteorological and climatological work done in New Zealand. It contains papers of interest to both professional and general readers. It also includes book reviews and explanations of the unusual. Members are invited to send in their own descriptions or photos.

We also hold an annual conference at various venues for the presentation of scientific and general weather related topics.

Who Are The Society Members?

Membership is open to all those with an interest in the objects of the Society. We are a mix of professionals and non-professionals and we come from a broad range of backgrounds, including: meteorologists, weather watchers and storm chasers, geographers, hydrologists and ecologists, sailors and divers, trampers and climbers, aviators and glider pilots, aquaculturists and agriculturists, astronomers and cloud-admirers, economists, engineers and professional weather forecasters.

How Much Does It Cost?

Annual membership fees are $40 for Ordinary Members and $120 for Institutional Members due on 1st August. There is an additional overseas postage charge of $15 per annum for members residing overseas; this charge is fully discounted if they elect to receive all publications by email only (i.e. to not receive printed copies of the publications).

How Do I Join?

You can apply for membership by completing the Membership Form and forwarding this to: The Secretary, Meteorological Society of NZ, PO Box 6523, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand together with a subscription cheque made out to Meteorological Society of NZ.

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